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# Special $100 Voucher for Essen Purchases ($100.00)
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This is currently in stock.
From Around 0 minutesFor 0 players aged from 0 years
BoardGameGeek Number: 0InPrint (In Stock: 18)

Essen Spiel is the biggest Boardgames Trade Fair in the world. It is when the majority of new releases are promoted. I went for the first time in 2010, had a great time and introduced the Australian gaming public to K2, Rallyman, Great Fire of London and Hey waiter! amongst others.

My business is run on my own money and doesn't make much profit. I will be attending Spiel again this year, but again do not have a lot of capital to bring the best games back with me. This is where these vouchers come in. By raising capital before Essen, I can spend on a greater variety of games giving you a better choice of what to buy on my return.

The way the vouchers work:

You order a chosen $ amount of vouchers and pay for them by mid-October. (You can buy them each month if you wish, so spreading out your costs - just ask me to re-open the order). You can buy as many as you wish but please do NOT place an order for both games and these vouchers if you want it to run smoothly for you!!

Set the delivery method to 'Collection' to avoid having postage added to your order!

I bring back what I consider to be the best of the games available at Essen. As a hint, they will tend towards the smaller publishers/designers though not exclusively. I will find out about Rio's latest games whatever happens but only at Essen would I find K2, for example.

Once I receive the games after Essen, I can set a price (shipping needs to be taken into account). I will email the investors and you then have 3 days to email me your orders. First in, best dressed.

If you go over your voucher value, you might have to take second place to a bigger investor if I run out of a game in those 3 days. Otherwise, you'll be able to supplement your vouchers with money, make up to your voucher with other stock, or ask for a full or partial refund of the voucher's value.

I hope this answers all the questions you all had.


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